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Age is just a number.  

'The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind' –Greg Glassman

Regular physical activity promotes better health, wellness and concentration, prevents disease, improves sleep and most of all improves the quality of daily living.

Silver Strong is our fitness program designed for people 60 and older. We have designed it to meet the needs of all seniors, regardless of existing fitness level. Older adults reluctant to start an exercise program because they haven’t worked out for years, or are intimidated by traditional gyms, will find Silver Strong to be just what they need.

Our amazing coaches will help you take the first steps towards better range of movement, mobility, strength and general improved health and well being.

Weekly sessions are Wednesday’s and Fridays at 1:30pm.

Owner of CrossFit Fortis

Dan Baribeau

After hanging up his baseball cleats from an elite career, Dan discovered CrossFit through a video showcasing amazing athletes displaying a variety of physical feats. Dan, having always trained and played in a competitive environment, naturally gravitated to CrossFit as a sport to replace his exercise needs and fuel his competitive fire. So much so that eventually, he wanted make this his livelihood.  In 2012, Dan’s dream, CrossFit Fortis was established. Dan takes great pride in delivering the CrossFit methodology with enthusiasm in a safe environment, creating a community that cannot be matched anywhere else. It becomes obvious quickly to members, that his dedication, passion, discipline, compassion and drive , just to name a few, will help them and all athletes at CrossFit Fortis reach their fitness goals and potential.

Will you be the next addition to our Silver Strong community?

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